What To Expect

The journey of Plastic Surgery can be an exciting, yet nerve-wracking process.  It's hard to enter this journey knowing nothing about what to expect. Below is a description of what you can expect throughout your plastic surgery journey, including a description of the consultation process, before and after surgery care sheets as well as payment and financing options.  If you have further questions, please give us a call!

Preparing for your surgery

The focus is on you. Dr. Kalnoki will take a skillful and artistic approach to your surgical needs.

Here at Kalnoki Plastic Surgery, the first step towards surgery is coming in for a consultation. First, photos will be taken. Then, Dr. Emese Kalnoki will sit down with you and talk about your areas of concern. Based on your individual needs, she will make some recommendations, and go in to detail about the procedures, answering all of your questions. At the end of the consultation, for cosmetic surgery patients, we will provide a custom surgery quote and help you learn about all of the options for financing. The consultation appointment takes about an hour.

Once you have decided to have surgery, we will work with you to schedule the most convenient date and time for you. Dr. Kalnoki has full admitting and surgical privileges at three local facilities, however, cosmetic surgery is primarily done at Surgery Center of Gilbert.

Mercy Gilbert Medical Center 
Banner Baywood Medical Center 
Banner Desert Medical Center 

Prior to your surgery, a pre-operative appointment with will be made with our medical assistant. At this appointment our medical assistant will present your surgical consents, explain them in detail, and answer any questions you might have. She will also educate you on your post-operative care. Finally, she will prepare the prescriptions for any medications you will need after surgery.

Some patients will need a 2nd pre-operative appointment with Dr. Kalnoki for surgical markings. If necessary, Dr. Kalnoki will use colored markers on your body to prepare a “roadmap” of your operation. This appointment is usually scheduled for the day before, or when possible, the day of, your surgery.

Payments & Financing Options

Reconstructive Surgery

We accept most insurance plans including Medicare for patients who are eligible to use their medical insurance. As a courtesy to our patients we will bill your insurance and do all that we can to obtain proper authorization for you.

Please see our list of accepted insurance plans. If you have any questions about our insurance policies, please call us at 480-641-7720.

  • Aetna
  • Aetna Advantage/Advantage Plus
  • Arizona Foundation for Medical Care
  • Banner Health Network
  • BPHO (Healthnet, Secure Horizon, Pacificare)
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Arizona
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield Everyday Health Alliance
  • Cigna
  • Medicare Classic and Replacement Plans
  • Healthnet
  • Humana
  • Tricare for Life
  • United Healthcare 

Cosmetic surgery

Dr. Kalnoki does charge a nominal fee for an initial cosmetic consultation. However, she does spend on average 45-60 minutes with each new patient and because of this we kindly request 48 hours’ notice if you are going to be unable to keep your scheduled appointment with us.

Surgical fees

In planning for your surgery, a written price quote will be prepared and reviewed with you. This quote will include Dr. Kalnoki’s fees, and estimates for the facility (operating room) costs and general anesthesia. Dr. Kalnoki’s fee includes the surgery and routine aftercare. Breast implant costs are included when appropriate. Minor procedures, which can be safely done under local anesthesia, will be done in the office.

When more than one procedure is done at the same time, a “multiple procedures” discount of 10% is applied to the surgeon’s fee. Surgical services are to be paid 7 business days or more prior to surgery.


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