Breast Reduction for Men

Gynecomastia Treatment

Roughly one in 18 American men struggle with the appearance of male breasts – a condition known as gynecomastia. Male breasts can lead men to feel embarrassed and self-conscious about their bodies, unaware of available treatments. Expert plastic surgeon, Dr. Kalnoki, can perform a male breast reduction to improve the appearance of the male chest for a stronger, more masculine look and feel.

Male Breast Reduction and You

Is Male Breast Reduction a Good Fit for You?

Men who struggle with gynecomastia have likely already tried to improve the appearance of their chest with regular exercise or weight lifting, but haven't seen the results they're wanting.
Enlarged or overdeveloped male breasts have been linked to various causes including:

  • Puberty: The effects are often temporary, but may persist
  • Aging: Testosterone decreases with age
  • Obesity
  • Certain medications
  • Disease or disorder

When considering male breast reduction, it is important that you are physically healthy and are at a stable weight. Male breast reduction with Dr. Kalnoki is a procedure for men who are comfortable seeking surgical treatment and want to improve the contours of their chest.

What You Can Expect from Your Male Breast Reduction Surgery and Recovery

Dr. Kalnoki will carefully observe the condition of your chest to determine the proper treatment plan for you. Either a liposuction or excision technique will be used, and a general anesthetic will be administered for sedation during your surgery.

Male Breast Reduction with Liposuction

Dr. Kalnoki will make several small incisions along the contours of your chest through which a small cannula will be inserted to perform liposuction. Excess fat will be removed to reveal the underlying contours of the pectoral muscles for a taut, youthful appearance of the chest.

Male Breast Reduction with Excision

An excision technique will be used for men whose gynecomastia requires glandular breast tissue or excess skin to be removed. For this method, Dr. Kalnoki will make an incision either below the breast or around the areola through which she can reshape and remove excess skin or tissue. This will provide your chest with a tighter appearance. Some patients may require a combination of liposuction and excision for their male breast reduction.

Dr. Kalnoki will provide you with instructions to help you throughout the healing process. You will notice a change in the appearance of your chest almost immediately and the results are meant to be long lasting. After surgery, men are often excited about the way their body looks in anything from a suit to a pair of swim trunks as they confidently enjoy the Arizona sun.

More Information Regarding Male Breast Reduction

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