Breast Enhancement

Natural Results through a Concierge Level of Care

When choosing Kalnoki Plastic Surgery for your breast surgery, you can rest assured that you will be treated with the utmost care from a surgeon that is invested in achieving beautiful, natural looking results. Whether your breasts have changed with age, pregnancy, or have endured a battle with breast cancer, Dr. Kalnoki understands the impact that it can have on your self-confidence and happiness. As a female plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Kalnoki provides women with various breast surgeries to help refine the look of their breasts and help them to feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Breast Augmentation

Breast implants can be used to restore volume that has been lost or to enhance the shape and size of breasts. Breast augmentation is extremely customizable so that you can achieve a look that is unique to you. Read on to learn more about breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction can help women feel sexy and feminine again after losing one or both breasts to breast cancer. Your breast reconstruction with Dr. Kalnoki can be performed immediately after a mastectomy so that you don't have to be left feeling damaged or incomplete. Read more about breast reconstruction.

Breast Lift

Your breasts won't always look the way they did when you were young. Skin elasticity breaks down with aging, weight loss and pregnancy which can leave your breasts looking less than what you'd like them to. By improving the appearance of sagging or drooping, a breast lift with Dr. Kalnoki can help you feel like your younger, more confident self. Read more about breast lifts.

Breast Reduction

If your breasts are getting in the way of everyday activities and causing you physical pain, you may benefit with a breast reduction procedure. Your reduction mammoplasty with Dr. Kalnoki can help provide you with a more balanced bosom so that you can move around comfortably and without any stress or discomfort. Continue reading to learn more about breast reduction.

Fat Grafting

The procedure is minimally invasive. A gentle liposuction technique is utilized to obtain the fat, and small, less than 2mm incisions are used to inject it into the breasts. The procedure requires little downtime – usually about 1-2 weeks – before patients can return to their normal activities. Continue reading to learn more about Fat Grafting.

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