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One Tuesday afternoon, a colleague of mine came into the office to talk about her breast cancer journey. She was in the midst of her chemotherapy treatments. She was a new partner in a budding family medicine practice. But, she was also a mother to two beautiful, young daughters, as well as a wife to a good husband. Like a number of my patients, she wore many hats.

When she came in that day, she sunk into one of my exam chairs and looked worn out and depressed. She said that she had been doing so well with everything, juggling her family, career, and treatments. Then, last week, her brave face to the world cracked – after her third chemo treatment, her eyebrows fell out. “They just all came out at once,” she said. “I looked in the mirror and only saw a cancer patient staring back. It didn’t look like me at all. I just sat on the edge of the tub and sobbed.”

That was the day she became ashamed to go out in public. Her medical practice, as well as her family, suffered. She felt horrible about the way she looked. Even though she was a physician and knew the struggle she was going through was worth it, she couldn’t help but feel defeated.

This story spurred the search for someone who could help. Mary Anne Baker is a talented tattoo artist who specializes in cosmetic and oncologic tattooing. She can pre-emptively replace eyebrows with her meticulous brush-stroke technique BEFORE they start to fall out. She can help camouflage scars, create 3-dimensional areolas, and help soften contour irregularities. Check out her website and see how she can help.

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